The Commemorative Covers: Admission to ICAO


According to Article 92 (Adherence to Convention) of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (also named the Chicago Convention), this Convention shall be open for adherence by members of the United Nations and States associated with them, and States which remained neutral during the present world conflict; adherence shall be effected by a notification (i.e. instruments of adherence) addressed  to the Government of the United States of America and shall take effect as from the thirtieth day from the receipt of the notification by the Government  of the United  States of America, which shall notify all the contracting States. The Government of the United States, as the host of the Chicago Conference held in 1944, is the depository of the Convention.


Several Members States issued stamps and first day covers to commemorate their admission to ICAO (see the following links: Brunei : Admission to International Organizations, DPR of Korea : 20th Anniversary of Admission to ICAO, Japan : Admission to the United Nations, Korea : 10th Anniversary of Admission to ICAO, and Korea : 25th Anniversary of admission to ICAO).


In addition to that, two States issued exclusively covers to commemorate their admission to ICAO, that is the Republic of Albania (in Albanian: Republika e Shqipėrisė) and the Democratic Republic of Korea.




The People's Republic of Albania (renamed in 1976 the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, as shown on the cover here-below) was dissolved in 1990, and the Republic of Albania (or Albania) was founded in 1991.


In the years 1980-1990, several investments at the airport of Tirana (now named Tirana International Airport Nėnė Tereza) in Albania were made to meet urgent demands. During 1989-1991, because of political changes in the Eastern European countries, the Republic of Albania adhered to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), opened its air space to international flights, and had its duties of air traffic control defined. In addition, during these years, governmental agreements of civil air transport were established with Bulgaria, Federal Republic of Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Russia, Austria, England, Macedonia, etc.


In fact, Albania deposited its notification of adherence to the Chicago Convention on 28 March 1991 and the Convention entered into force for that country 30 days later. The postmark on the first day cover below indicates the date of 19 October 1990, which corresponded to the opening of new air routes and to the comprehensive overhauling of civil aviation at that time in the country. Moreover, as the cover shows the ICAO emblem, Albania anticipated the admission to ICAO and the adherence to the International Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), defined in the Annexes to the Chicago Convention.


This cover shows Albania’s national flag (as it existed in 1990 with the double-headed eagle surmounted by a star), the world map, a French Aérospatiale  Sud-Est SE 210 Caravelle aircraft, ICAO emblem, and a runway of flags of the following countries (from left to right): The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, USSR (note the bad design of the symbols: hammer, sickle and star, which should have been in yellow and not white as shown), France, Hungary, United States, Turkey, The Czech Republic, and Greece. It displays the main air corridors/routes linking Albania with the rest of the word.

The blue postage stamp was issued on 20 September 1990 for the 2400th anniversary of the city of Berat, Albania.





The Republic of Korea became the 58th Member of ICAO on 11 December 1952 (30 days after the deposit of its instruments of adherence to the Convention on International Civil Aviation). To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the admission of ICAO, Korea released the postal stationery shown hereafter.


Korea had already marked prior anniversaries of the admission to ICAO by issuing stamps as follows: a) on 11 December 1962 to mark the 10th anniversary (see details by clicking on Korea : 10th Anniversary of admission to ICAO) ; b) on 11 December 1977 to mark the 25th anniversary (see details by clicking on Korea : 25th Anniversary of admission to ICAO).


It is to be noted that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, following notification on 16 August 1977 of its adherence to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, became the 141st Contracting State of ICAO on 15 September 1977.




Republic of KOREA – 11 December 2002 – Unused and used cards.

50th Anniversary of admission to ICAO – Multicolored aircraft trails.

In the used card, the two lines of the cancel read as follows: The 50th anniversary of Korea's joining ICAO.

As shown here above, the cancel exists in black and in viridian-green.