Sao Tome and Principe : History of aviation and 35th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 21/12/1979



Wright Brothers and double-decker Flyer I (1903) ‑ ICAO emblem.


Vought Sikorsky VS300 (1939) ‑ ICAO emblem.


Spirit of St. Louis (1927) registered in the experimental category under number N-X-211 (officially known as the Ryan NYP for New York to Paris) in the USA ‑ ICAO emblem.

An N-number is an aircraft registration number used in the United States; all aircraft registered there have a number starting with N.



Dornier Do‑X (1929) registered D-1929 in Germany ‑ ICAO emblem.


Santa Cruz Fairey-17 111D ‑ ICAO emblem.


United States NASA Space Shuttle over earth. Although the ICAO logo appears on the original artwork (see here-below), it was not retained on the stamp.


Imperforate; 200 exist.






Color Proofs of the Db-1 stamp: Vought Sikorsky VS300.






Color Proofs of the Db-7 stamp: Dornier Do‑X.

Corner blocks.







Cancelled to Order (CTO). Circular Date Stamps (CDS) indicate: 28 December 1979.







Artworks for the complete series. All acrylic on card with inscription overlay. Size is about 150x95 mm each.




Printer’s Proofs from Format International, i.e. Imperforate single stamps mounted on carton. Only

eight exist.






Official Maximum Cards issued by the Direcção de Correios e Telecomunicações.







Background: For an unknown reason, the last stamp of this set (value 17db) shows the space shuttle, without ICAO logo.

It is interesting to note that the Circular Date Stamp (CDS) indicates: 28 December 1979, whereas the Maximum Cards show: 21 December 1979.