Sao Tome and Principe : 30th Anniversary of first airmail flight St. Thomas-Lisbon,

100th Anniversary of Sir Rowland Hill†death and 35th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 28/12/1979



Miniature sheet.

Douglas†DC‑3 Dakota from TAP (Transportes Aťreos Portugueses); ICAO emblem; route of first airmail flight (21 August 1949) followed from St. Thomas to Lisbon, Portugal (S„o Tomť, Accra in Ghana, Robertsfield in Liberia, Dakar in Senegal, Vila Cisne Iros in Western Sahara, Lisbon); Sir Rowland Hillís picture; ICAO emblem.




Cancelled to Order (CTO).


Artwork for the miniature sheet. All acrylic on card with inscription overlay. Size 208x283 mm.

Large multicolored Artistís drawing of Rowland Hill†on 190x240mm board.


Small mock-up (with lettering) of the oval Hill design used in the miniature sheet.


Background: The miniature with the Douglas†DC‑3 Dakota was part of an issue of two sheets. The other miniature sheet commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Sir Rowland Hill, Brasilia 1979 (International Philatelic Exhibition) and the XVIII Congress of the UPU. See here-below.

As regards to the Artistís design mentioned here-above, the miniature sheet with the Douglas†DC‑3 Dakota uses the right view of the design, whereas the sheet with the Zeppelin uses the left view of the design.