Peru : Inter‑American Technical Conference on Aviation


Issue date: 15/09/1937



Juan Bielovucic's Voisin "Boxkite" over Lima’s race course (14 January 1911); this is also the first flight of J. Bielovucic over Lima.



Jorge Chávez Dartnell (1887‑1910), French‑born Peruvian aviator, who flew in a Blériot XI monoplane over the Alps from Brigue, Switzerland to Domodossola, Italy, and died of plane‑crash injuries.

The town, where Chávez’s flight ended, is called Domodossola, earlier known as Domo d’Ossola (in the Ossola valley, Piemont, Italy). However, the stamp mentions the name of Domossola (misspelling of the city’s name).


More information on this stamp can be obtained by clicking on the following link: Flying First over the Alps.


Stinson‑Faucett F-19 at Limatambo Airport, Peru.


Stinson‑Faucett F-19 over map of America. Marked with OA-BBQ and a large 17 on the tail (Number 17 within the Faucett fleet, starting from OA-BBA registration number).

OA-BBQ / 17 is one of a series of approximately 30 modified Stinsons built by the Peruvian Faucett airline between 1934 and 1946 for their own operation and by the Peruvian Government. Its actual registration number was OB-R-147; it was later restored and is now preserved by the Peruvian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea del Perú, FAP) at Lima’s Jorge Chávez Museum.





Issue overprinted SPECIMEN in red, with circular security punch.  From the American Bank Note Co. archives.




Issue hand-stamped MUESTRA.

Background: At the Pan-American Conference held at Lima from 15 to 25 September 1937, plans were made for creating a Permanent American Aeronautical Commission (Comisión Aeronáutica Permanente Americana, CAPA), but its organization never materialized. This Inter-American Technical Conference on Aviation (Primera Conferencia Técnica Interamericana de Aviación) was attended by 12 national delegations from within the hemisphere, with three observer states from Europe (Germany, Italy and United Kingdom). It was sponsored by the Pan-American Union.

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