Monaco : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 17/10/1994



Eurocopter AS-350B Écureuil (Squirrel) helicopter from Heli Air Monaco, registered 3A-MMC in Monaco; view of Monaco Heliport and 50th anniversary logo.


General view of Monaco Principality; Aerospatiale SA-365C-3 Dauphin 2  helicopter from Heli Air Monaco, registered 3A-MJP in Monaco; 50th anniversary logo.


Variety of 5.00Fr stamp: uniform turquoise colour.

Left block of 10 stamps with hand-stamped control numbers and printing dates (14 September 1994 and 13 September 1994 respectively) in the margin.



Approved proofs in black and white, with requested corrections, i.e. removal of ICAO acronyms and change of value from 4.50Fr to 5.00Fr.




Photo proofs – Final.


Cancelled to Order (CTO).

Official First Day Cover.


First Day Covers with silk cachet issued by Éditions Philatéliques CEF, Nice, France.



First Day Cover with raised design, issued by Éditions J.F. Courbevoie.


First Day Covers (front and back) issued by La Numismatique française, with cachet designed by Jean‑Paul Véret‑Lemarinier (also designer of the stamp).




Error: The French name of the Organization should be written: Organisation de l’aviation civile internationale.


Maximum Cards issued by Éditions Philatéliques CEF, Nice, France.



Maximum Cards issued by Éditions Philatéliques CEF, Nice, France. With sequential number 0001.



Souvenir Card printed by SODOP (Societé de diffusion d'objets philatéliques), showing two issues: 50th Anniversary of ICAO (17 October 1994) and Inauguration of New Headquarters of the International Amateur Athletics Federation (10 June 1994, Athletes and Villa Miraflores).

Font side: Silk cachet showing the Eurocopter AS-350B Écureuil (Squirrel) helicopter from Heli Air Monaco.


Back side of the above card: Text describing each issue; sequential number.

Errors: This issue commemorates the 50th anniversary of ICAO/OACI, l’Organisation de l’aviation civile internationale; the word Organisation is missing and only the letter of the first word of the Organization’s name in French should be capitalized. Moreover, States are members of ICAO, and not their airports/heliports.


Backgound: Philatelic notice. Error: The heliport of Monaco is not the ICAO member; the state of Monaco is the ICAO Member. Sovereign nations are the ICAO members, and not their airports nor their heliports, according to Article 92 of the Chicago Convention which reads as follows: This Convention shall be open for adherence by Members of the United Nations and States associated with them, and States which remained neutral during the present world conflict.

Monaco notified its adherence to the Convention on International Civil Aviation on 4 January 1980; thus on 3 February 1980, Monaco became ICAO’s 146th Member State.