Korea : 25th Anniversary of admission to ICAO


Issue date: 11/12/1977



Boeing747‑200 of Korean Air Lines (KAL) over earth globe and ICAO emblem.

Full sheet of 20 stamps with control number.


Philatelic notice with stamp and first day cancel.



First Day Cover; black cancel.


First Day Cancel in violet.


First Day Cover with block of 4 stamps. Circulated and registered cover on first day of issue.


Circulated and registered cover on first day of issue. Traditionally, Korean was written in columns, from top to bottom, right to left; but is now usually written in rows, from left to right, top to bottom.


Background: The Republic of Korea joined ICAO on 11 December 1952 (30 days after deposit of its instruments of adherence to the Convention on International Civil Aviation), whereas this country joined the United Nationson 17 September 1991 along with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

On 11 December 1962, the Republic of Korea issued a stamp and a souvenir sheet for the 10th anniversary of its signing of the Chicago Convention. See more details at the following link: Korea 1962 - 10th Anniversary of Admission to ICAO.