Japan : Admission to the United Nations


Issue date: 08/03/1957



Official emblem of the United Nations (UN) surrounded by the initials of ten UN Agencies (including ICAO at the top right): ILO, FAO, UNESCO, ICAO, IBRD, IMF, WHO, UPU, ITU, WMO.                                         


Block of four stamps.

Maximum card showing the United Nations flag.


First Day Covers.







Background: Japan was admitted to the UN on 18 December 1956.

The postmark on the above first day covers shows: 32. 3. 8.  In 1873, as part of Japan's Meiji period modernization, a calendar based on the solar Gregorian calendar was introduced. While the Christian way of numbering years is commonly used in Japan today, a parallel numbering system was also frequently applied for years according to the reigns of emperors. The year 1957, which happened to be the 32nd year of reign of the emperor Hirohito, also known as Emperor Shōwa (his reign started in 1926 as Shōwa 1), was called Shōwa 32. So the postmark 32.3.8 corresponds to 8 March 1957.