Hungary : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 13/01/1994




Douglas DC‑2-120 from American Airlines (indicated DC‑3 on the stamp; registered NC14278 in USA; number is indicated on the upper-right wing) over Jeppesen Low Altitude Enroute Chart (Budapest‑Bratislava region); 50th anniversary logo.

The vertical text on the right-side: 50 ÉVES A NEMZETKÖZI POLGÁRI REPÜLÉSI SZERVEZET means: 50 years of the International Civil Aviation Organization.


Error: The design shows a DC‑2, whereas the stamp bears the inscription DC‑3. This Douglas DC-2 aircraft registered NC14278 was delivered to American Airlines in December 1934.  They sold it to the British Purchasing Commission (BPC) on 10 May 1941.  It crashed at Bathurst, Gambia on its delivery flight.

In the USA, the aircraft registration number is also referred to as an "N-number", as it starts with the letter N. An older aircraft (registered before the end of December 1948) may have a second letter in its identifier, identifying the category of aircraft (in this case: letter C = airline, commercial and private).

The picture of the aircraft shown at the left-side was taken from the Jane’s Encyclopaedia of Aviation. It shows the same registration number (NC14278).


Full sheet of 50 stamps. It is interesting to note that, as there is no white border for the stamp, the margins show that the printing went beyond the perforations.


Official First Day Card.


Background: With this issue of Hungary, the logo specially created for ICAO’s 50th anniversary chronologically appears for the first time.


Philatelic notice. On the first list of the text, it should have been more appropriate to use the name “Convention” instead of “Agreement”.