Gabon : 40th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 01/12/1984



Icarus†(by Hans Erni).

Note that, at the lower-left, there is a spelling error in Erniís name printed HERNI, although Erniís signature is clearly spelled at the right-side.

This error was repeated by Cameroun for the 40th anniversary of ICAO. See at the following link: Cameroon - 1984 - 40th Anniversary of ICAO.




Lower-right corner stamp with control number.


Photo proof.


Lower-right corner block of 4 (imperf) with marginal markings: sequential number and Cartorís logo in sky blue.

Currently located at Meaucť, France, Cartor (renamed Cartor Security Printing since June 2004) has developed unique and often complex print and finishing processes aimed at creating very special and highly collectible stamps.

De Luxe Sheet.


Official First Day Cover. 2000 copies were released.