Costa Rica : United Nations Day


Issue date: 24/10/1961



Douglas DC‑6, earth globe and ICAO emblem. 



Specimen with diagonally overprinting of MUESTRA (meaning specimen).

Official First Day Cover.


Registered First Day Cover issued by the Philatelic Club of San Jose de Costa Rica.


First Day Cover (K-PRINT design) showing, in the cachet, the names in French of the UN Organizations which were commemorated by the stamps and souvenir sheet of this issue: OACI (ICAO), BIRF (IBRD), ONU (UNO), OMM (WMO), FAO, UIT (ITU), OIT (ILO), OMS (WHO), UNESCO.

Error: The acronym BIRF should have been written BIRD for Banque internationale pour la reconstruction et le développement (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - IBRD).


Background: This stamp is part of an issue of 8 airmail stamps and one souvenir sheet, with designs related to the UN, its Organizations and Agencies, i.e. IBRD, FAO, WHO, ILO, ITU, WMO, UNESCO, ICAO, and UNO.


Chronologically in the ICAO stamp collection, this is first appearance of the ICAO logo with the acronyms ICAO-OACI (as adopted by the 10th Session of the Assembly, held in Caracas in June-July 1956 - Resolution A10-11); however, for this issue, the Organization’s acronyms were not written in the proper character set (see at the left-side the correct emblem).


First day cover complementing the above cover issued by the Philatelic Club of San Jose de Costa Rica.