Commemoration of ICAO’s 70th anniversary


The 70th anniversary of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will be celebrated on 7 December 2014. This may be a suitable event for the issuance of commemorative stamps by ICAO’s member States.


This anniversary commemorating the signing in Chicago of the Convention on International Civil Aviation would provide a unique occasion to issue new stamps highlighting art works, events or personalities connected with international civil aviation. It is suggested that those stamps incorporate in the design the ICAO emblem with the dates 1944-2014.


To view all prior stamp issues related to ICAO, click on the following link: Stamp issues related to ICAO.


On 10 September 2012, ICAO issued an Electronic Bulletin titled: “COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS FOR THE 70th ANNIVERSARY OF ICAO”, drawing the attention of the Contracting States to issue postage stamps connected with international civil aviation to celebrate this event.


Electronic Bulletin 43 related to ICAO’s 70th anniversary