Caicos Islands : 40th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 23/05/1985



Douglas DC‑3 of Air Caicos at the airfield, on ground. ICAO 40th anniversary emblem.


Air Caicos Royal Mail Convair CV-440 Metropolitan of Air Caicos, in the air. ICAO 40th anniversary emblem.


Britten-Norman Islander of Turks and Caicos National Airlines (TCNA), in the air over Caicos Islands. ICAO 40th anniversary emblem. ICAO 40th anniversary emblem.

Imperf Proofs.


Upper-left corner stamps with margin.



Hang‑glider over the Caicos. Icarus flying over Caicos Islands towards the sun and losing his wings; ICAO 40th anniversary emblem.


Imperf Proof.

Album pages with detailed information from The Aviation Heritage Collection produced by Westminster. This collection of stamps presents a flypast of history's legendary aircraft, all detailed on genuine Official Postage Stamps from the country concerned.


Presentation card issued through the Calhoun`s Collector Society. Is part of the Portfolio of the International Postal Collection League (IPCL) of World Commemorative Sheets. Only 2,500 Portfolios were authorized for subscription in 1980.


Pre-production proofs issued in limited quantities. The letter here-below explains how the 6 sets were dispersed, i.e. only six sets exist, 2 which are mounted and 4 in glassine envelopes. These proofs were not made available for selling to collectors and therefore are very hard to find and are very scarce.