Burundi : 25th Anniversary of United Nations Postal Administration


Issue date: 10/10/1977



UN buildings by night and UN carmine stamp of 1955 (10th anniversary of ICAO; stamp-on-stamp).                             


Se-tenant block of four stamps.


Se-tenant block of four stamps - Cancelled to order (CTO).


Se-tenant block of four stamps – Imperforate.

Se-tenant blocks of 4 in miniature sheets of 6 blocks - Progressive Proofs (total of 8 sheets). With hand-stamped control numbers.









Other Progressive Proofs (total of 5 sheets).






First Day Cover.


Background: The stamps of this issue were printed in se-tenant blocks of four in a stamp‑on‑stamp format, each design in a block having the same background. Each block features a different photograph of the interior/exterior of UN building. Superimposed on the stamps are different stamps used by the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) in its 25‑year history. The issue holds 24 stamps and 2 souvenir sheets.

Burundi issued this set of stamps one year after the actual year commemorating the 25th anniversary of the UNPA, as the UN postal service was inaugurated on 24 October 1951. Burundi became a Contracting State of ICAO on 18 February 1968, bringing ICAO’s total membership to 166.

Additional information on the UN Postal Administration can be found at the following link: ICAO and the United Nations Postal Administration.