Belize : 100th Anniversary of Sir Rowland Hill death

and 75th anniversary of the first powered flight


Issue date: 30/07/1979



Mortimer and Vaughan "Safety" Aeroplane (1909).


Boeing 707‑720 of Belize Airways Ltd. White border, due to the picture of a modern aircraft as compared to the historical ones where the stamps show a light blue border in this series.


Concorde from British Airways (could be registered as G-BOAA, the first Concorde to be delivered to British Airways on 14 January 1976). White border, due to the picture of a modern aircraft as compared to the historical ones where the stamps show a light blue border in this series.


Handley Page H.P.18 W.8b (1922).


Avro Type F. (1912).


Samuel Cody's Michelin Cup biplane (1910).


A.V. Roe I Triplane (1909), wrongly indicated Roe II.


Santos‑Dumont's Aeroplane 14 bis (1906).


Wright brothers Flyer I, first motorized flight (1903).

Cancelled to Order (CTO).




Stamps with control numbers.




Marginal inscription for the 75th anniversary of ICAO.










Miniature sheet with control number. Shows Dunne D.5 biplane (GB, 1910), and Concorde 001 (on a Great Britain stamp issued on 2 March 1969 for the first test flight of the prototype Concorde at Toulouse, France).


Miniature sheet with control number. Shows Boeing 707‑720 from Belize Airways Ltd. The ICAO emblem was printed over the reproduction of 5 stamps recalling historical aviation events of Great Britain.

Details on the stamps from Great Britain reproduced on the following souvenir sheet (from left to right, from top to bottom):

1.    50th Anniversary of 1st non-stop transatlantic flight from Newfoundland (St. John’s) to Ireland (Clifden) by Capt. John Alcock and Lt. Arthur Whitten Brown (Alcock and Brown), 14-15 June 1919, on a Vickers Vimy airplane, with an extract from newspapers and the Vickers Vimy airplane. Issued on 2 April 1969.

2.   British discoveries: Vickers VC-10 jet engines by Whittle; shows twin engines of the VC-10. Issued on 19 September 1967.

3.   First test flight of the prototype Concorde 001 at Toulouse, France (2 March 1969); shows plan and elevation views of the Concorde, and France and Great Britain flags. Issued on 3 March 1969.

4.   50th Anniversary of the first flight from Great Britain to Australia by Ross and Keith Smith (12 November to 10 December 1919), on a Vickers Vimy airplane; shows the Vickers Vimy biplane and a globe with the flight route. Issued on  2 April 1969.

5.   50th Anniversary of Royal Air Force (RAF), 1918-1968; shows a biplane Sopwith Camel and English Electric Lightning fighters (1914-1918). Issued on 29 May 1968.

Note that the ICAO emblem shown at the lower-centre part of the miniature sheet is not correctly designed. See correct design at the right-side of the following sheet.


Cover associated to the previous souvenir sheet (see the Alcock and Brown stamp); it was issued to commemorate the maiden flight of the Boeing 747 from Pan Am between New York and London on 22 January 1970.

Captain Robert M. Weeks and crew flew the Pan American World Airways Boeing 747-121, N736PA, Clipper Young America, New York to London on a 6 hour, 43 minute inaugural passenger-carrying flight of the new wide-body jet. Aboard were a crew of 20 and 335 passengers. The 747-100 series was the first version of the Boeing 747 (called Jumbo Jet) to be built.

N736PA had initially been named Clipper Victor, but the name was changed to Clipper Young America for the inaugural New York to London flight, when the 747 scheduled to make that flight -Clipper Young America- suffered mechanical problems.

Pan Am became the launch customer for the Boeing 747 in April 1966 by ordering 25 Boeing 747-100s. Being involved from the beginning of the design and development of the Boeing 747, Pan Am influenced these phases more than any other airline before or since.


First cover commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Issued on 23 April 1991.

The cachet shows the following aircraft: Balloon, Avro 504N, Concorde, and HOTOL aerospaceplane.

It also shows three of the stamps from Great Britain depicted on the above miniature sheet.


Mounted album pages.



Stamps mounted on Rowland Hill Gesellschaft hingeless album sheet with explanatory notes - Geschichte der Luftfahrt. With texts in German.



First Day Cover. Blue cancels.


The following First Day Covers were displayed in the Sumner Collection. The Sumner Collection in two large vinyl albums (15” by 12”) commemorated the  1840 postal reforms by Sir Rowland Hill and was issued in 1979, the centenary of his death. A total of 102 first day covers from 99 countries around the world was mounted in sleeves on thick blue card pages with comprehensive explanatory English language text.

Black cancels.






Background: Belize inadvertently confused the 75th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ triumph, who made the first successful flight of a manned heavier-than-air vehicle on 17 December 1903, with ICAO which, even today, has not yet reached such a milestone. Furthermore, it should be noted that the date of issuance of this set by Belize did not correspond to an anniversary of the first flight (which should have been in 1978) nor to an anniversary celebrated by ICAO. This issue should have more rightly commemorated the 30th anniversary of ICAO (in April 1977), and not its 75th anniversary.