The 75th anniversary


On 1 November 1944, delegates from 54 nations gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Stevens Hotel in Chicago at the invitation of the United States of America. At this event, the participants concluded and signed on 7 December 1944 the Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known more popularly as the Chicago Convention, the defining international agreement which has since permitted the global civil aviation system to develop peacefully and in a manner benefitting all peoples and nations of the world. Since ICAO’s inception, aviation has become a linchpin of human activity and socio-economic development.


In 2019, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the global air transport community will commemorate this momentous occasion by convening a series of special events.


On 9 June 2017, ICAO issued an Electronic Bulletin titled: “NATIONAL STAMPS COMMEMORATING THE 75th ANNIVERSARY OF ICAO”, drawing the attention of the Contracting States to issue postage stamps connected with international civil aviation to celebrate this event.