Information & Communication Technology

The Information and Communication Technology Section provides the Organization with the direction, management and security of its information and communication activities. The main focus of the Section is to manage ICT activities efficiently and effectively.
    Core activities are:
  • Develop and maintain an IT Master Plan reflecting the Organization Strategic IT plan and the state of the technology, aligned with the strategic objectives of the Organization
  • Co-ordinate and prioritize all IT activities through a leadership role at the ICT Management Committee
  • Software Development, Support and Governance
  • Develop and implement an IT security framework to protect ICAO’s information and IT services
  • Plan, deploy and maintain the computing infrastructure required to support activities of the Organization including electronic mail, network, data storage and web/SharePoint
  • Enterprise Applications Development including IRIS/ERP project management
  • Formulate policies, strategies and standards to ensure that data and information captured, generated and shared are validated, secured, of high quality and readily accessible
  • Work in collaboration with ICAO Bureaus to manage and undertake IT projects for the development of the applications required to meet their objectives
  • Database administration and maintenance. Database performance analysis, corrective action, proactive tuning, maintenance, administration and backup and recovery across the entire database application infrastructure
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