After significant improvement of the safety oversight capabilities of the its Civil Aviation Authority, Mauritania, encouraged by ICAO, is positively responding to requests for assistance from civil aviation authorities of African States.

Mauritania has shared with Madagascar its experience in the enhancement of the technical areas of aircraft accident investigation and aerodromes, resulting in fruitful exchanges on vision, policy and guidance material.
In June 2013, a Sudanese delegation visited Nouakchott to ascertain the Mauritanian approach on implementing a performance-driven civil aviation authority. The visit also focused on Mauritania’s experience in establishing a proactive framework for cooperation and communication with ICAO and the European Union to develop an effective strategy to gradually resolve safety-related deficiencies and to achieve international recognition.
The Comoros Islands have also requested assistance to resolve their serious safety-deficiencies. Mauritania has positively responded and has taken the necessary steps to provide assistance, in order to support the State in their effective resolution.



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