The Central European Rotation Group (CERG) represents Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia on the Council of ICAO. In an effort aimed at increasing aviation safety, CERG has supported a series of four international courses for safety experts and safety aviation investigators in co-operation with the Southern California Safety Institute (SCSI) and the Czech Republic’s authorities attracting the participation of 35 safety experts and safety aviation investigators. Within eleven years, similar courses in Prague have welcomed the participation of more than 400 safety experts and investigators from different parts of the world.


In addition, the Polish Civil Aviation Authority successfully organized ICAO/CERG Air Law Conference in Warsaw in September 2012. With over 200 participants, the conference focused on issues in the international legal framework pertaining to aviation safety, including unmanned aircraft systems, licensing and training. Poland also supports international and regional initiatives by providing expertise to technical groups, including the European Aviation Safety Team (EGAST), the European Authorities Coordination Group on Flight Data Monitoring (EAFDM), the Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG) and the Safety Management Panel (SMP).


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