Boeing has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the government of Indonesia to cooperate in its regulatory, industrial, infrastructure and personnel development, in addition to safety and operational assessments.  Boeing regulatory affairs representatives are working with the Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority in regaining Indonesia's FAA Category 1 status. In addition, assistance will be provided to Mozambique to improve their aviation safety and oversight capabilities. 



Boeing delivers in-kind support for COSCAPs in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East by sending subject matter experts to conduct training activities on aviation safety topics. Assistance is also provided to the Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASGs) by co-chairing the industry-government sub teams in Asia and Pan America. Boeing provides both financial and bona fide support while serving as a liaison with the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) to promote information sharing initiatives, having concluded the information sharing agreements between RASG-PA and CAST as well as APAC-RASG and CAST.


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