In cooperation with the French civil aviation authority (DGAC), the French civil aviation school (ENAC) and local authorities of the States concerned, Airbus is supporting the deployment of the ICAO performance-based navigation (PBN) road map in several regions. Starting in 2013, Airbus started promoting a possible PBN solution for airports currently using circle-to-land approaches. Mitigating un-stabilized approaches and facilitating access to complex airports have proven to be an efficient way to mitigate risks of runway excursions.


Support is also delivered to the Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASGs) and up to 50,000 USD is provided to each Co-operative Development of Operation Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Programme (COSCAP). Upon request, technical experts deliver lectures, training and workshops. Overall, Airbus contribution to ICAO initiatives is around 280,000 USD.


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