PBN Symposium



Performance-based Navigation (PBN) has taken a major step forward following ICAO’s recently-completed PBN Symposium.
The four-day symposium and workshops (16 October -19 October) brought together over 400 participants from 67 countries and 13 international organizations. Representation included aircraft manufacturers, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airlines, regulators, ATC system manufacturers, avionics designers, air traffic controllers, pilots, the military, aeronautical information companies and instrument procedure designers.
The theme was “Expediting Implementation Together”, which indicated the collaborative team approach required for successful PBN implementation. Throughout the workshops and sessions, more than 50 speakers and moderators covered a multitude of topics that focused on why PBN is the global aviation communities highest air navigation priority.
ICAO also produced a special PBN implementation kit or iKit for all the Symposium participants, with essential explanatory information, practical documentation and guidance material on implementing PBN.
Feedback from the participants indicated that the PBN Symposium and Workshops was an absolute success.


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