Air Operator Certificates (AOC)


The 36th Assembly in September 2007 supported the proposal that, contingent upon the availability of funding, ICAO develop an international register of AOCs that provides transparency to Contracting States of the validity and currency of AOCs and the compliance integrity of the relevant oversight authority.
On 17 May, 2010, IATA, ICAO and Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) signed a Letter of Intention for the AOC project at the ICAO headquarters in Montreal.

Project Scope and Objectives


Establishing an International Register of AOC, collecting the data of the AOC and associated operations specifications and making it available to the States, will improve the capability of States to fulfil their surveillance responsibilities. It will also provide an efficient single source of data.


The International Register of AOC application will:
  1. allow a State CAA to upload a dataset of required AOC and operations specifications data, complemented by optional data;
  2. provide the uploaded data to all States for surveillance purpose and allow defined outputs and searches, as well as timely notices of AOC/operations specifications status and changes;
  3. be linked to relevant data in the ICAO International Aircraft Information system (IIAIS) established under Article 21 and to the Doc 8585 database for 3-letter designator code and the radiotelephony code [call sign] of the operator;
  4. allow printing of AOC and operations specifications in Annex 6 compliant layout format; and
  5. provide access of uploaded data to the specific operator for validation;
  6. in the long term, provide to States a comprehensive set of data that will satisfy the data requirements of many States regarding foreign operators.


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