Training Facilities and Programmes

Where do we train for jobs in aviation?
This page provides links to some aviation training facilities and programmes.  Included in this list is the ICAO Aviation Training Directory (ATD), which provides an extensive list of training facilities that have been approved by their national Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and includes information on TRAINAIR PLUS training centres.  Additionally, links are provided for the ICAO-Endorsed Government Safety Inspector (GSI) Programme, and the TRAINAIR PLUS programme.
Please note that this is not a complete list of all aviation training facilities and programmes.  This list is for informational purposes only and does not mean that the training facilties and/or programmes have been endorsed by ICAO.


Provides information on training centres approved by their Civil Aviation Authority, as well as training centres that are TRAINAIR Plus Programme members.
Provides information on becoming a member of the TRAINAIR Plus Programme
Provides information on the ICAO-Endorsed Government Safety Inspector Training Programme.
Aviation employment and training information
FAA programme that partners with colleges and universities that teach basic courses in air traffic contol and is designed to provide qualified applicants to fill developmental air traffic control specialist positions.
The IATA Training and Development Institute gives air transport professionals, newcomers to aviation and their organizations tools to stay relevant in the industry.

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