About NGAP

Origin of NGAP

The NGAP initiative was launched in 2009 to help ensure that enough qualified and competent aviation professionals are available to operate, manage and maintain the future international air transport system. This is critical as a large contingent of the current generation of aviation professionals will retire, access to affordable training and education is increasingly problematic, and aviation competes with other industry sectors for highly skilled professionals. The lack of harmonized competencies in some aviation disciplines and a lack of awareness by the “next generation” of the types of aviation jobs available further compounds the challenge.





 By 2036, the aviation sector is forecast to need the following:
  • 620 thousand pilots  (67 New pilots per day for aircraft with greater than 100 seats)
  • 125 thousand air traffic controllers (13 new ATC a day)
  • 1.3 million aircraft maintenance personnel


ICAO, through the NGAP Programme, provides a platform to raise awareness and engage with stakeholders on the impending shortages of personnel, and to promote cooperation and coordination within the global aviation and education community to attract, educate and retain the next generation of aviation professionals.

Where We Stand

Recognizing the importance of the NGAP initiative to the aviation community and the need for support from ICAO, States, academia and industry, the initiative was formalized as an ICAO Programme in 2016 and is being considered in all strategic objective areas.  The ICAO NGAP Programme has also been incorporated into the ICAO Business Plan and Global Plans for Aviation Safety and Air Navigation.

ICAO leadership of this important programme was also recognized by ICAO Member States with the adoption of an Assembly Resolution in October 2016, A39-29: Next Generation of Aviation of Professionals.  Furthermore, at the conclusion of the NGAP Global Summit that was held in November 2017, a NGAP Communiqué outlined key priorities for the NGAP Programme.


To-date NGAP has:

  • Held a NGAP  Global Summit (2017), two Global Symposia (March 2010 and December 2014) and eight NGAP Regional Symposia (2011 to 2013);
  • Published a 20-year forecast in 2010 to assist States in quantifying human resources requirements (Doc 9956);
  • Developed a Fundamentals of the Air Transport System course;
  • Provided support to Dreams Soar Inc, (DSI) to raise awareness for greater global access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education for women and youth; and
  • Issued regular NGAP Outreach Newsletters to support and promote NGAP.

Looking ahead, the following are planned

  • ICAO is expanding the NGAP Programme to cross all the Strategic Objectives of ICAO, and the Regional Offices are becoming actively involved in promotion and outreach activities;
  • ICAO continues to provide support and promote global outreach programmes, promote STEM education, and raise awareness of NGAP issues at international and regional events;
  • By mid-2018, ICAO will publish the updated Global and Regional 20 Year Forecasts: Pilots, Maintenance Personnel, Air Traffic (Doc 9956);
  • Launching of the Aviation Training and Education Directory (ATED);
  • Establishment of a NGAP Best Practices Tool; and
  • By the end of 2018, ICAO, in cooperation with partners and stakeholders, will develop guidance and tools to assist States' develop their own national NGAP Strategy. 

Along with all aviation stakeholders, ICAO is committed to creating an environment that will allow the next generation to lead in the development of aviation's future. This includes maintaining active lines of communication with the students as the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals.


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