NGAP Programme Meetings






09:00-09:15   Welcome and Opening Remarks

09:15-09:30   Introductions and Approval of the Agenda

09:30-10:00   Review of Action Plan from Previous Meeting

2017 Progress Report

ICAO Competency-Based Training Workshop (video)

Attracting, Educating, Training and Retaining Aviation Professionals

10:00-10:30   Review of Summit Outcomes

Personnel Forecasts

NGAP Global Summit Communiqué

10:30-11:00   Photo and Coffee Break

11:00-11:30   Review and Update of Future Action Plan

Aviation Industry Jobs and STEM (AIJ STEM) Outreach Programme

NGAP on-line educational awareness tool

Civil Aviation Management Programme

Aviation Outreach Model and Gap Analysis

Strategies and Planning Working Group

Availibility and Competence of Technical and Inspection Personnel in Civil Aviation Administrations

11:30-12:00   Review of NGAP Programme Organization

12:00-12:15   Any Other Business / Next Meeting and Summit

12:15-12:30   Closing Remarks


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Past NGAP Meeting Reports​


​NGAP/3     7-10 February 2011Report
​NGAP/4     21-22 January 2013Report
​NGAP/5     7-8  April  2014Report
​NGAP/6    1-4 December 2014Report
​NGAP/7    1-2 December 2015Report

​NGAP/8    5-8 December 2016

​NGAP/9    29 November 2017Report


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