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Meeting Documentation
AMOFSG/1017 to 19 June 2013ICAO Headquarters
AMOFSG/926 to 30 September 2011ICAO Headquarters
AMOFSG/815 to 18 February 2010Melbourne, Australia
AMOFSG/79 to 12 September 2008ICAO Headquarters
AMOSSG/617 to 20 October 2006Exeter, United Kingdom
AMOSSG/511 to 14 April 2005ICAO Headquarters
AMOSSG/415 to 18 September 2003ICAO Headquarters
AMOSSG/322 to 25 January 2002Miami, United States
AMOSSG/220 to 23 February 2001De Bilt, Netherlands
AMOSSG/19 to 12 May 2000ICAO Headquarters