In order to satisfy the requirements arising from the ICAO Global ATM Operational Concept, and to enable the future ATM system, AIS must transition to provision and management of information that is data centric, as opposed to product centric, within a broader concept of aeronautical information management (AIM). The ICAO/EUROCONTROL Congress recognized that the transition from AIS to AIM will raise institutional and legal issues which, unless addressed in a timely manner, may constrain the progress towards AIM and its implementation in the future ATM system.



The Symposium is intended to begin the process of resolving these institutional and legal issues which encompass, among others, organizational, financial and intellectual property aspects associated with the system-wide management of aeronautical information. The event will be complemented by an exhibition focusing on products and services related to aeronautical information provision.



ICAO is seeking the participation of government policy makers and regulators, AIS and other air navigation service providers, private sector aeronautical information/data suppliers and airspace users. The event will also be of interest to chief executives, decision makers, financiers and lawyers.



Prominent moderators and keynote speakers have been invited to lead stimulating discussions, providing participants with valuable opportunities to:

  • Understand the evolving role of AIS as an enabler for the future ATM Systems the world over;

  • Learn how this change may take place, the mitigating the risks of change, present and future State obligations, economic factors, and organizational and legal issues of change;

  • Establish professional contacts with decision makers drawn from ICAO’s 190 Member States and the civil aviation industry.

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