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USOAP Protocol Questions

List of all protocol questions (PQs)


This list contains all protocol questions (PQs), grouped by audited area. These protocol questions are the main tool used during the conduct of a USOAP CSA audit to assess the State's capability of safety oversight.

A lack of effective implementaion (LEI) per PQ was also calculated, taking into account the result of the first 150 audited States. The applicability rate indicates how many audits a PQ was applicable. Each PQ is also linked to one of the 8 critical elements as defined by USOAP.

expand Area : 1. LEG ‎(31)
expand Area : 2. ORG ‎(19)
expand Area : 3. PEL ‎(95)
expand Area : 4. OPS ‎(141)
expand Area : 5. AIR ‎(200)
expand Area : 6. AIG ‎(100)
expand Area : 7. ANS ‎(213)
expand Area : 8. AGA ‎(176)