Established in 2006, CAPSCA is a voluntary cross-sectorial, multi-organizational collaboration programme managed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO).

It brings together international, regional, national and local organizations to combine efforts to improve preparedness planning and response to public health events that affect the aviation sector.

The objectives of CAPSCA are:

  • Public health protection - the general public, air travellers and aviation personnel;
  • Ensure safe and economically viable air transport, with minimal effect on international travel and trade (Chicago Convention);
  • Assistance to States/Territories with the implementation of ICAO Standards and Regulations (SARPs) and WHO International Health Regulations (IHR);
  • Capacity building - Assistance to States/Territories to establish national aviation pandemic preparedness plans and develop core capabilities;
  • Facilitate multi-sector collaboration and cooperation (civil aviation authorities, public health authorities, airports, air traffic services, airlines, immigration, customs, security and handling personnel) - a mechanism for pooling and sharing expertise, resources and best practices;
  • Training of airport evaluators (evaluation of airports and determine gap analysis;
  • Assess State readiness to manage public health events and provision of advice to States and Territories; 
  • Further development and improvement of guidelines for the aviation sector.

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