Accident Investigation Section (AIG)

Technical work programme responsibilities
  • maintaining the currency of Annex 13 and related documents, such as the Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
  • monitoring developments in accident investigation techniques and practices in States
  • reviewing and updating AIG related matters of the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP)
  • monitoring developments in system safety concepts in States
  • contributing to ICAO safety projects such as the prevention of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT), reduction of approach and landing accidents (ALAR) and the safety oversight audit programme (USOAP)
  • analysing accident and incident data
  • contributing to ICAO's programme on human factors in aviation safety
  • conducting and participating in seminars related to accident investigation and prevention
  • processing of safety recommendations addressed to ICAO
  • development of flight recorder related matters for investigations
  • maintaining an electronic library of Final Reports
Council technical committee, AN Commission panels and Secretariat study groups
  • Flight Recorder Panel (FLIRECP)
  • Accident Investigation Methodology Study Group (AIMSG)
Annexes and PANS
  • Annex 13 — Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
Manuals and Circulars
  • Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation (Doc 9756)
    • Part I — Organization and Planning, First Edition - 2000
    • Part IV — Reporting, First Edition – 2003
  • Manual of Aircraft Accident Investigation (Doc 6920), Fourth Edition – 1970
  • Manual on Regional Accident and Incident Investigation Organization
    (Doc 9946)
  • Manual on Accident and Incident Investigation Policies and Procedures (Doc 9962)
  • Training Guidelines for Aircraft Accident Investigators (Circ 298)
  • Guidance on Assistance to Aircraft Accident Victims and their Families (Circ 285)
  • Hazards at Aircraft Accident Sites (Cir 315)
ADREP Reporting to ICAO
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