Manuals, Circulars and Other Documents

The Flight Safety Section is responsible for the following Manuals and Circulars:
    Training Manual (Doc 7192)
        Part B-5 — Integrated Commercial Pilot Course
            Volume 1 — Course Details
            Volume 2 — Instructor Briefing Sheets
        Part D-1 — Aircraft Maintenance Technician/Engineer/Mechanic
        Part D-3 — Flight Operations Officers/Flight Dispatchers
        Part E-1 — Cabin Attendants' Safety Training Manual
        Part E-2 — Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (Unedited*)
        Part E-3 — Aeronautical Information Services Personnel (Unedited*)
        Part F-1 — Meteorology for Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots
    Manual of Procedures for Establishment and Management of a State's Personnel Licensing System (Doc 9379)
    Manual on the Approval of Flight Crew Training Organizations (Doc 9841)
    Human Factors Training Manual (Doc 9683)
    Human Factors Guidelines for Air Traffic Management Systems (Doc 9758)
    Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) Manual (Doc 9803)
    Human Factors Guidelines for Safety Audits (Doc 9806)
    Human Factors in Civil Aviation Security Operations (Doc 9808)
    Human Factors Guidelines for Aircraft Maintenance Manual (Doc 9824)
    Manual on the Implementation of the Language Proficiency Requirements (Doc 9835)
    Manual on the Implementation of the Security Provisions of Annex 6 (Doc 9811 RESTRICTED)
    Manual on Establishment and Operation of Aviation Training Centres (Doc 9401)
    Safety Management Manual (Doc 9859)
    Manual of Procedures for Operations, Inspection, Certification and Continued Surveillance (Doc 8335)
    Manual on the Use of the Collision Risk Model (CRM) for ILS Operations (Doc 9274)
    Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Doc 9284)
    Supplement to the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Doc 9284SU)
    Manual of All Weather Operations (Doc 9365)  Access a free online-only version of the Manual
    Instrument Flight Procedures Construction Manual (Doc 9368)
    Airworthiness Manual (Doc 9760)
    Template Manual for Holding, Reversal and Racetrack Procedures (Doc 9371)
    Dangerous Goods Training Programme (Doc 9375) and Books 1, 2, 3 and 4
    Preparation of an Operations Manual (Doc 9376)
    Manual of Model Regulations for National Control of Flight Operations and Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft (Doc 9388)
    Manual on Aerial Work (Doc 9408)
    Emergency Response Guidance for Aircraft Incidents involving Dangerous Goods (Doc 9481)
    Environmental Technical Manual on the use of Procedures in the Noise Certification of Aircraft (Doc 9501)
    Guidance on the Preparation of a Pilot's Operating Handbook for Light Aeroplanes (Doc 9516)
    Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulators (Doc 9625)
    Manual of Aircraft Ground De/Anti-icing Operations (Doc 9640)
    ICAO Engine Exhaust Emissions Data Bank (Doc 9646)
    Guidance on the Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management (Doc 9829)
    Guidance Material on SST Aircraft Operations (Circular 126)
    Recommended Method for Computing Noise Contours around Airports (Circular 205)
    The Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft in Service (Circular 95)
    Operational Opportunities to Minimize Fuel Use and Reduce Emissions (Circular 303)
    New Larger Aeroplanes — Infringement of the Obstacle Free Zone: Operational Measures and Aeronautical Study (Circular 301)
    Human Factors Digest No. 5 — Operational Implications of Automation in Advanced Technology Flight Decks (Circular 234)
    Human Factors Digest No. 7 — Investigation of Human Factors in Accidents and Incidents (Circular 240)
    Human Factors Digest No. 8 — Human Factors in Air Traffic Control (Circular 241)
    Human Factors Digest No. 10 — Human Factors, Management and Organization (Circular 247)
    Human Factors Digest No. 11 — Human Factors in CNS/ATM Systems (Circular 249)
    Human Factors Digest No. 12 — Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection (Circular 253)
    Human Factors Digest No. 14 — Proceedings of the Fourth ICAO Global Flight Safety and Human Factors Symposium, Chile, April 1999 (Circular 277)
    Human Factors Digest No. 15 — Human Factors in Cabin Safety (Circular 300)
    Human Factors Digest No. 16 — Cross-Cultural Factors in Aviation Safety (Circular 302)
The Flight Safety Section is responsible for the following other documents:
    Controlled Flight into Terrain (CD-ROM — 725281)
    ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements — Rated Speech Samples (AUD001)
    PANS-OPS Software (CD-ROM — CD-101)
These documents can be purchased directly from ICAO through the Document Sales Unit. The Catalogue of ICAO Publications and Audio-visual Training Aids contains brief outlines of these documents. The Audio-visual Training Aids section of the Catalogue lists the videos and posters for which FLS is responsible.
The following documents can be obtained by contacting FLS:
    ICAO Training Development Guidelines
    ICAO Training Managers Guidelines
    ICAO Course Developers Workshop
    ICAO Training Managers Workshop
    ICAO Instructor Development Programme
    ICAO Operations Manual

The following documents are available on the ICAO web site:


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