An Commission Panels and Secretariat Study Groups

The Flight Safety Section is responsible for the following panels and groups:


    Flight Crew Licensing and Training Panel (FCLTP)
  •     Airworthiness Panel (AIRP)
  •     Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP)
  •     Obstacle Clearance Panel (OCP)
  •     Operations Panel (OPSP)
  •     Flight Safety and Human Factors Study Group (HFSG)
  •     Normal Operations Safety Survey Study Group (NOSSSG)
  •     Human Resource Planning and Training Study Group (HRPTSG)
  •     Helicopter/Tilt rotor Study Group (HTSG)
  •     Flight Operations and Airworthiness Model Regulations Study Group (FOAMRSG)
  •     Required Navigation Performance and Special Operational Requirements Study Group (RNPSORSG)
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