The user shall be aware that the Software should not be used without adequate knowledge of the contents of ICAO Document 8168-OPS/611, PROCEDURES FOR AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES, AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS, Volume II; and the user guide for the PANS-OPS OAS Software. The Software contains a tool developed to assist instrument procedure designers and is not intended to be a substitute for the approach designer’s professional judgment.




Neither ICAO nor INFOLUTION Computer Services, Inc. shall be held liable for death or bodily injury, damage to property or any other direct, indirect or incidental damages or other loss sustained by third parties which may arise as a result of customer use of the Software, nor for damage inflicted with respect to any property of the customer or any other loss sustained by said customer.  Neither INFOLUTION Computer Services, Inc. nor ICAO shall be responsible for the accuracy or validity of the data entered and/or generated by the Software. The customer shall be responsible for validation and verification of the instrument approach procedures designed using the Software, by means of flight checks or other verification mechanisms, in order to ensure the conformity of the instrument approach procedures in relation to the proper norms and standards.



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