Membership Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ1)

Training Centre:

Academia Superior de Ciencias Aeronáuticas (ASCA)






This form is part of the quality management system of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP) and its purpose is to collect feedback from members on TPP processes and activities. The information provided by each centre through this form will be analyzed and used to improve TPP processes. The results of this analysis may be posted on the TPP members’ website, TRAINAIR PLUS eManagement System (TPeMS), which is accessible only to Members, in line with the transparency policy of the TPP.

Circle the number that corresponds best to your opinion in each of the cases 1 to 20. Mark only one of the figures 1 – 5 or N/A

1 = Strongly disagree             2 = Disagree         3 = Neutral          4 = Agree          5 = Strongly  agree     N/A= Not applicable

Associate Membership

  Strongly disagree Neutral Strongly agree 
1. The information received to prepare the application was clear. 
2. The application package was useful in making the decision to apply to the Programme. 
3. TPP provided sufficient information to understand the process of the on-site assessment to be conducted. 
4. The technical and administrative support received to prepare the assessment was professional. 
5. The on-site assessment was very important to the process of quality improvement for the centre. 
6. The TPP assessment report and conclusions fully met expectations. 
7. During the on-site assessment the ICAO TPP Assessor maintained a collaborative attitude. 
8. The TRAINAIR PLUS Operations Manual (TPOM) is a comprehensive document that provides a clear understanding of the scope and rules of the TPP. 
9. The flowcharts, forms and templates used to facilitate the exchange of information during the Associate Membership process were clear. 

Training Developers Courses

  Strongly disagree Neutral Strongly agree 
10. The information received to organize the TDC delivery was clear. 
11. All TDC materials were sent promptly. 
12. The TDC materials fully met expectations. 
13. The TDC Participant Certificates were sent on time. 
14. The TDCs are being held in a sufficient number of geographical locations throughout the year. 
15. The TDCs are being held at a sufficient number of times throughout the year. 

STP Development / Full Membership

  Strongly disagree Neutral Strongly agree 
16. The ICAO TDG (doc 9941) adequately supports course developers in the preparation of an STP and the accompanying Stage Reports. 
17. The TPP responded promptly in approving the centre’s proposals to develop STPs. 
18. The assistance and feedback provided for the STP Validator was professional. 
19. The flowcharts, forms and templates used to exchange the information were useful in facilitating the Full Membership process. 
20. The TPP Full Membership process was conducted with professionalism and the TPP team responded promptly to all questions/requests for assistance. 

STP Exchange (TPeMS)

  Strongly disagree Neutral Strongly agree 
21. The TPeMS is user-friendly. 
22. The cost structure is fair for the STP user. 
23. The cost structure is fair for the STP owner. 
24. Ordering an STP is easy and convenient using the TPeMS. 
25. The TPeMS is easy to locate via the internet. 

Were there any differences of opinion, misunderstandings or concerns during the Associate Membership process?

Were there any differences of opinion, misunderstandings or concerns during the Full Membership process?

Please provide any additional comments or suggestions that would help us improve our membership process.

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