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iSTARS SPACE becomes real-time

2013 was the safest year ever recorded in terms of fatalities for scheduled international air transport operations. The good trend seems to continue. How we know that? Well, we have turned on real-time trend monitoring of accidents and fatalities. A first step was achieved with respect to all commercial accidents (scheduled and non-scheduled) which are merged from different sources, aggregated, trended and displayed continuously as depicted above in the ADREP application on iSTARS SPACE. More real-time indicators like USOAP Effective Implementation will be available soon for live dashboards.

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Map Builder
Map Builder
Ever wanted to have a World map with States coloured by USOAP EI, Traffic or any other metric for one of your presentations? Building those choropleth maps has been made easy through the Map builder app. Just select the metric from the catalogue of metrics available in the app. Colours can also be customized.
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Airport Punctuality
Punctuality statistics are a key part of any aviation intelligence project as they are indicators for capacity and efficiency issues. Many aviation authorities publish such statistics. iSTARS SPACE now collects real-time information on departure punctualities worldwide, aggregates and trends them on a daily basis at an airport level. An average of the Top 150 airports is also available.
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IT Corner

  Security Warnings
Some browsers may throw security warnings when accessing some iSTARS SPACE pages. Those warnings are caused by the recently changed SSL certificate of the iSTARS SPACE data server. We are looking into this. By the meantime, just accept the risk when prompted by your browers.
  Data server down detection
The iSTARS SPACE data server is very robust but not fail free. It may happen that the server stops due to a error in its execution. The data server will then restart automatically within a minute. So if you experience problems related to data not showing up, try again in a few minutes.


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ICAO provides pre-formatted presentations and flyers with graphs and highlights to be included on your presentations.
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