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Gap Analysis

SSP Gap Analysis using iSTARS SPACE

On July 3rd 2013, ICAO issued Electronic Bulletin 2013/26 announcing the release of an iSTARS SPACE application to support State Safety Programme Gap Analysis. The SSP Gap Analysis online application contains an interactive questionnaire based on the relevant sections of the latest edition of the ICAO Safety Management Manual (Doc 9859). As of March 2014, 34 States have created an SSP Gap analysis project using the online tool, taking advantage of all the online graphing, editing, collaborating and exporting features. ICAO is starting to use the stored information to create high-level metrics on the progress of SSP implementation across the regions. States are encouraged to use this tool for their own Gap Analysis, which will then allow ICAO to report on global progress at the same time.

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Map Builder
Implementation Progress Levels
Using the data provided through the application, at least 1 State out of 4 (26%) with EI above 60% has started a GAP Analysis (Level 1). Less than 3% however have already completed this analysis (Level 2), meaning that they have reviewed all the Gap Analysis questions. Only a few States have fully defined an implementation plan (Level 3) and none has fully implemented SSP yet (level 4).
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Regional Safety Targets
This Regional Performance Dashboards aim to provide a glance of both Safety and Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency strategic objectives, using a set of indicators and targets based on the regional implementation of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) and the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP). Implementation of SSP is one of the targets, and the iSTARS SPACE Gap Analysis tool is used as the primary source for that indicator.
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Gap Analysis

Analysis Workshops now available

Safety data collection, analysis and exchange is an integral part of a State Safety Program (SSP) through element 3.2 as well as of the State Safety Oversight System through Protocol Questions (PQs) 6.5xx of the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP).
Analysis of those PQs has shown that only 42% of all audited States have effectively established an accident and incident database (PQ 6.507), typically ECCAIRS. Establishing mechanisms to develop information from the stored data as mentioned in SSP Element 3.2 is even more difficult.
ICAO has gained a lot of experience over the last years in storing and capturing large volumes of data, as well as creating innovative ways to develop actionable information from that data which is not limited to occurrence data.
This 4-day ECCAIRS/iSTARS Analysis Workshop will provide hands-on experience in manipulating data to generate actionable information. The workshop is run on a cost-recovery basis. Having implemented ECCAIRS is preferable but not required for this workshop.

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IT Corner

  Metrics Catalogue
We have started to push out some of our metrics in the form of REST APIs. To keep track of those, we have created a catalogue. This catalogue will be progressively enhanced and will build the reference for all safety analysis work as well as the regional dashboards. The catalogue is accessible here.
The Map Builder application has been recently made available for the general public. The app is on a pay-per-use basis using API key tokens and contains some features which are not available on the iSTARS SPACE site. The public Map Builder application is accessible here.


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ICAO provides pre-formatted presentations and flyers with graphs and highlights to be included on your presentations.
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Analysis Workshops
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