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iSTARS migration to SPACE

iSTARS has moved to SPACE

The iSTARS 2.0 SPACE version is now fully operational. All applications were moved from iSTARS to the new platform, most of which were redesigned at that occasion. Some examples of redesigns are given in this newsletter. Core features of SPACE include:
  • personalized desktops
  • centralized State group management
  • CSV exports
Starting 2014, SPACE will be gradually opened to industry and the public allowing registrations for non-State users.

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Chord Diagram
Traffic Chord Diagram
The Connections app has been on iSTARS for a while. During the migration, we have decided to give it a new look and use one of the most advanced graphing technics for relational networks: Chord Diagrams. In this app, all countries are placed on a circle and line is drawn between them if there are scheduled flights between these 2 countries. The result is an astonishing, interactive and scalable graph.
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The former Airport Traffic app was expanded to include information about the layout of the airport, meaning the number of runways and their orientation versus one another. A layout factor was defined, which could be used in an airport capacity analysis by comparing this factor against the traffic as it is done in the app. As this factor is still experimental, feedback from you on the usage of this concept would be highly appreciated.
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The ICAO accident data repository (ADREP) contains over 50000 records. Making that information searchable and available online is a challenge. With this revisited ADREP app, we have pushed online all ADREP records on file since 1st January 2000, meaning over 16000 records. Through the use of modern cloud technologies, we are able to make the data available fast at any part of the world. Our intention for the next months is to merge live media information into the list, to make this app a real-time source of global accident information.
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ICAO DOCs is one of the most popular apps on iSTARS SPACE. Its has been installed by over 200 users already. This app provides a Google-like search of ICAO-NET. The app maintains a cloud index of all documents, circulars and annexes published on ICAO-NET. As you type, the app returns and displays the results of the search in real-time and proposes terms in relation to your search. For this app to work you need to be registered to ICAO-NET.
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IT Corner

  Google Chrome bug
We have noticed that some apps on SPACE do not show a vertical scrollbar in Google Chrome browsers. Scrollbar problems in Chrome are a known problem but difficult to correct. We are looking into it. In the meantime, use FireFox or Internet Explorer instead.

  Country select drop-down magic
Maybe you have noticed that all drop-down menus with country selections by default always show the country you are currently in! Wonder how we do that? These menus are connected to an IP location finder which detects the country based on the IP address of your internet browser. A Javascript function then simply preselects that country in the menu!

GIS News

  GIS   ICAO Public Maps
The GIS portal has been completely revisited. The site now groups maps by categories in form of a user-friendly gallery. Both desktop and tablet versions are available.

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  GIS   New Standard For Flight Information Region Studies
Flight Information Region (FIR'S)are critical elements in the planning activity of Aviation. The ICAO GIS Services is an electronic database based on the geographical (FIR's) from around the world. This information is collected from each State by the ICAO regional offices.

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  Use our presentations and make them yours
ICAO provides pre-formatted presentations and flyers with graphs and highlights to be included on your presentations.
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  Annex 19 and Safety Management Manual
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Annex 19, 1st Edition - Executive summary »
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Global Aviation Safety Plan
GASP Executive Summary »
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  Safety Intelligence
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Safety Reports
2013 State of Global Aviation Safety »
2013 Safety Report »
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