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Map Builder


Create Choropleth Maps​

This app lets you build a country color-coded map using any metric available in the metrics catalogue.


Select a group of States from the dropdown as well as a metric. More detailed information about the available metrics are listed in the API Data Service. The World Bank indicators are linking to the respective indicators in the World Bank Open Data catalogue. You can display your own data or other open data files by providing a link to a CSV file.


Zoom by clicking on a country. Click again on the same country while it is selected (2 seconds) to zoom out one step. Click on another country to move the map. Click on a body of water (e.g. ocean, sea, lake) to return to initial zoom. 


Some features of the application are limited to use with a valid API key. Connect using an API Key to get access to those features. Information on how to get a key including trial keys can be found on the API Data Service. Once connected, the provided API Key will be charged with 1 token per minute of use.


Select a Group and a Metric

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