Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP)

The Global Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) is a strategic initiative ICAO and ACI. The Programme’s primary focus is to develop airport managers through a curriculum that covers all functional areas of the airport business in key areas such as operations, security, finance, commercial management and airport development while promoting adherence to the highest professional standards. This programme, which consists of 4 mandatory and 2 elective courses, encourages participants to share best managerial practices in an interactive, cross-cultural environment while establishing a global network of contacts with whom they will interact throughout their careers.

Since the launch of AMPAP in June 2007, the entry course, Air Transport System*, has been conducted numerous times across the globe. The programme has appealed to hundreds of participants from over 70 contracting states and is proud to recognize its graduates, holders of the International Airport Professional (IAP) designation.

AMPAP takes equal pride in recognizing the holders of the AMPAP Associate Diploma, which is awarded to industry stakeholders including ICAO staff who complete the 4 mandatory courses. For more on the AMPAP Associate Diploma, visit

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