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TE landing page_Risks of Multiple TEs.jpgTargeted Exemptions (TEs) are tightly scoped and time limited State-issued exemptions to a specified subset of Standards, granted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

TEs should not be granted in response to systemic issues. They represent a temporary transitional option for States as they move back from reliance on the use of alleviations towards compliance with the SARPs. TEs should only be considered by a State once it is clear that all other options have been considered and determined to be unsatisfactory. 

This page provides access to everything you need to know about TEs.

  • TE-related State Letters
  • TE Basics

  • TE-Related Standards

  • Licensing TE Decision Trees
  • Who should issue TEs related to pilot licences or qualifications (i.e. PPC, REC, ARA, MED and PEL TEs) differs according to the type of international air transport operations involved and whether for the pilots and operators concerned, the State of Operator, State of Registry and State of Licensing Authority differ.  Flow diagrams to assist States to identify when various types of Licensing and Qaulifications TEs are needed and who should issue them are provided for the following conditions:


Submission forms for lodging TEs with ICAO are provided here, along with detailed instructions for their completion.


A searchable directory of TEs lodged with ICAO, allowing States to determine whether to accept a specific TEs offered by another State.


A searchable directory identifying what types of TEs issued by other States are accepted by a State within their territory.

Various TE dashboards allow graphical exploration of the following questions:

Need some technical support with establishing TEs?  Here's where to find information about how to access a TE expert through ICAO's Technical Cooperation Bureau.


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