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Targeted Exemptions (TEs) are tightly scoped and time limited State-issued exemptions to a specified subset of Standards, granted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

TEs should not be granted in response to systemic issues. They represent a temporary transitional option for States as they move back from reliance on the use of alleviations towards compliance with the SARPs. TEs should only be considered by a State once it is clear that all other options have been considered and determined to be unsatisfactory. 

This page provides access to everything you need to know about TEs.

  • TE Basics

  • TE-Related Standards

Submission forms for lodging TEs with ICAO are provided here, along with detailed instructions for their completion.

A searchable directory of TEs lodged with ICAO, allowing States to determine whether to accept another State's TEs.

A searchable directory identifying which TEs are accepted by outside States within their territories. 

The TE Acceptability Dashboard illustrates which States have submitted TE Acceptability Forms.

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