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Access to Targeted Exemption (TE) Expertise

Access to TE expertise is offered to States who would like technical support when developing TEs and identifying appropriate mitigations.


What a TE Expert can do for your Authority:

  • Support a needs analysis for the development of TEs.
  • Enhance the CAA's awareness of the TE system and support them in the correct use of online TE tools.
  • Develop and/or review the evaluation process of operator or groups of individuals' requests for a TE.
  • Facilitate the development of TEs that identify appropriate mitigations to maintain an acceptable level of safety.
  • Develops and/or reviews the strategy for returning to normal after a TE has been issued.  
  • Create awareness of how TE activities are linked to the implementation of a State Safety Programme.
  • Develop and/or review a State's monitoring process for TEs.
  •  Assist in the identification of appropriate safety performance indicators.

TE Experts are available through the services of the ICAO's Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB); please contact the Field Operations Section at for further information.


Upon receipt of your inquiry, a project manager will contact you to provide you with pertinent information and coordinate all further steps for the deployment of a TE Expert under the umbrella of a TCB cost recovery project tailored to your needs. 

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