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​TE Dashboards

​1. States with active TEs 

2. States that have indicated acceptability   of CVR TE    

 3. States that have indicated acceptability          of Licensing TEs    

4. State dispositions to TEs offered by other States

Use this dashboard to explore:

1. The general disposition of States to TEs submitted by other States (as indicated on submitted TE Acceptability forms).  

  •  The default display shows all States. The color of each State reflects:


   All TEs accepted The State accepts TEs associated with all 15 Standards authorized by other States.


At least one TE to reviewThe State will accept TEs associated with at least one Standard only if it determines that appropriate mitigations have been identified.


At least one TE not accepted: The State does not accept TEs associated with at least one Standard.


CCRD migrated info: Only migrated CCRD information available – No current TE information provided and the dashboard may not accurately reflect the State's disposition to TEs.


   N​o info No information available.

  • To focus on a particular Region or State, SELECT the Region or theState of interest.

2. A selected State's disposition to a particular type of TE in relation to a specific Standard.

      • SELECT the specific TE Type and Standard of interest;
      • Press CTRL key to select two or more TE Types and Standards of interest.

 For details associated with one particular TE, including the necessary mitigations, go to the TE List.


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