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Risk Based Surveillance

A safety risk-based surveillance (SRBS) approach enables prioritization and allocation of a State's safety management resources commensurate with the safety risk profile of each sector or individual service provider.

ICAO's Risk-based Surveillance tool allows building risk-based inspection schedules for air operators. The results should be used solely to determine the minimum number of inspections and should not be used, either directly or indirectly, to determine the required number of safety inspectors.

CLICK HERE for Risk-Based Surveillance Tool in iStar 3.0

CLICK HERE for COVID-19 modifier to the AOC Tool

CLICK HERE for AMO Safety Risk-Based Surveillance Tool


SRBS – Key points

  • States gain experience and familiarity with each service provider by monitoring the steadily developing maturity of their safety assurance process, and in particular, their management of safety performance. Over time the State will accumulate a clear picture of the service provider's safety abilities, particularly their management of safety risk.

  • SRBS is most appropriate for organizations with a mature SMS. SRBS may also be applicable to organizations where SMS has not yet been implemented. The foundation of effective SRBS is reliable enough and meaningful data.

  • SRBS requires ongoing interactions between the State and the aviation community beyond compliance-based audits and inspections. The quality of the surveillance and the quality of the interaction between the regulator and the service provider will improve greatly through an SRBS approach using the safety risk profile of the service provider to adapt its surveillance activities.

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