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Planning and monitoring tool

As COVID-19 contingency measures begin to be lifted and services start to resume, a monitoring and planning tool has been developed to support States and the aviation community for the restart of operations.

ICAO developed this tool with the support of subject matter experts made available from States and industry through different ANC panels, study groups, and other expert groups.

In line with safety management principles, this tool provides support for States and organizations in their planning activities related to the aftermath of COVID-19 alleviation measures such as those for:

  • Certificates;

  • Examinations; or

  • Recurrent training activities.

The primary context is the management of a possible backlog due to reduced activities during the COVID-19 crisis. It should support States and organizations in anticipating and planning for mitigations as a result of deferred certificate validity renewals stacking up (i.e., the "bow wave"). The tool will also help States visualize the alleviations granted and establish a dialogue with industry to better anticipate demand of services.

The tool may be used for many more things. States and organizations are encouraged to make use of it for any such planning.

CLICK HERE for the Monitoring and Planning Tool.

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