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Air Navigation Services

COVID-related constraints and concerns have led to significant changes to the state of the aviation industry, and consequently on the provision of Air Navigation Services (ANS). While it may be some time before operations can be considered "normal", guidance provided in this section offers a means for adapting air traffic services in the "new normal" of COVID conditions, as well as moving back towards a situation whereby the various standards and recommended practices are complied with, even if using alternative means.


Information is provided on the following:

  • A Simplified Procedure for Air Traffic Management Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) 

A collaborative platform for the coordination and management of traffic to support a smooth and less challenging return to normal operations, including cross-border coordination with adjacent ANSPS for contingency situations.

A review of potential hazards to support ATS providers in the safety risk assessment processes during recovery to normal air traffic services.

This document, compiled by the ICAO NACC Regional Office, identifies key points to be taken into consideration for Air Traffic Services provision to allow the safe continuity of air operations during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

An example "Bowtie" diagram that identifies potential threats and hazards associated with returning air traffic services to normal at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport.   

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