GASP Indicators



ICAO received feedback on the 2020-2022 edition of the GASP, noting that States needed assistance on how to use GASP indicators in the context of their national aviation safety plan (NASP) and national safety performance measurement. Feedback included requests for additional guidance on how to measure each of the GASP indicators and clarify some of them, in terms of aspects such as data source or calculations.

The Guidance on GASP Indicators was developed to provide States and regions with guidance on data sources for indicators used to measure the achievement of the NASP and RASP goals, respectively.

To address the feedback received, ICAO and its GASP Study Group (GASP-SG) conducted a review of all the indicators in the 2020-2022 edition of the GASP. The review showed that the majority of GASP indictors are clear and readily measurable – the “who, when and how” are known and the information needed to measure them is provided by ICAO or International Organizations who run industry programmes.

A GASP Indicator Form was developed for each indicator, to provide States and regions with clear guidance and definitions, and to ensure ICAO collects consistent, reliable data. 

Download a copy of the Guidance on GASP Indicators (currently in English only):


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