GASP Dashboards


ICAO developed a series of dashboards which States should use to report on their progress towards the achievement of the GASP goals and targets.


ICAO currently populates the dashboard. Eventually, each State will be responsible for providing the necessary information to populate its own dashboard, on a regular basis, and to keep it current.


Information from individual States is collated by ICAO to produce regional dashboards, per ICAO region, as well as per each regional aviation safety group (RASG). Dashboards are available to the public for reference, they are also used to provide updates to different stakeholders on the progress of the GASP implementation, including the Council of ICAO and the ICAO Assembly.


To access the dashboard for each of the six GASP goals, click on the corresponding goal.

                                                 Goals for the 2020 EDITION OF 

                                                             THE GASP ARE:

Goal Two.png
Goals 3to6.PNG

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