Working Group 18, Working Papers

No.Agenda Item No. TitlePresented byComments
18.4Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operations — Annex 6, Part IV
23,3.4 Summary of Discussions Related to Risks Associated with the Carriage of Portable Electronic Devices Containing Lithium Batteries and Consideration of Way Forward the Secretary
35 Report of the DGP Working Group on Reportingthe Chairman of the DGP Working Group on Reporting
41,1.2 Application of Outer Packaging Table for Packing Instruction 620D. Brennan
52,2.2 Addition of Special Provision A5 Against UN 3535D. Brennan
62,2.3 Separation of Explosive Substances and ArticlesP. Tatin
72,2.3 Competency Framework for State Employees – Grant of Shipment Approvals and ExemptionsE. Gillett
81,1.2,3,3.6 Lithium Battery Mark –Telephone Number for Further InformationE. Gillett
96 Responsibilities of Freight ForwardersE. Gillett
101,1.2,1.3 Maximum Capacity of Metal Receptacles (Aerosols), Non-Refillable (IP.7 & IP.7A)E. Gillett
111,1.2 Marking with UN or ID Number (5;2, Privitera
121,1.2,1.3 Proposed Amendment to Special Provision A88 and Insertion of Packing Instruction 910 in the Technical InstructionsP. Privitera
131,1.3 Amendment to Packing Instruction 910P. Privitera
2,2.3 Allowance in Packing Instruction 910 for the Use of Large PackagingsD. Brennan The only revision is to the formatting of the list of rigid large packagings
152,2.2 Emergency Response for Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers and CrewL. Cascardo
162,2.2 Emergency Response InformationL. Cascardo
172,2.2 Segregation and Separation during Different Stages of Air TransportL. Cascardo
182,2.2 Self-Inflating Personal Safety Devices Carried by Passengers or CrewS. Bitossi
191,1.2 Amendment of Special Provision A154Sam Bitossi
2,2.2 Revisions to Packing Instructions 378 and 972D. Brennan The only change is to paragraph 1.5 where “flammable” was replaced with “non-flammable
212,2.2 Addition of Special Provision A87 Against UN 3530D. Brennan
223,3.6 Reporting Requirements for UN 3245, UN 3373 and Section II Lithium BatteriesD. Brennan
232,2.2,8,8.4 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)H. Brockhaus
241,1.2 Dangerous Goods TrainingH. Brockhaus
253,3.6 Amendment to Packing Instruction 952J. Jin)
262,2.2 Amendment to the “Window Period” of Recurrent Training
272,2.1,2.2 Harmonizing the Defitions of the Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Doc 9284) with Annex 18J. Jin
282,2.2 Self-Heating Food and Beverage Containing a Flameless Ration HeaterJ. Jin
293,3.4 Provisions for Incidents Involving Dangerous Goods in the CockpitJ. Jin
303,3.6 Clarification of the Applicability of Sections in Lithium Battery Packing InstructionsJ. Jin
318,8.1 Carriage of “Not Regulated” Dangerous Goods by “No-Carry” OperatorsD. Brennan
322,2.4 Proposed Amendments to the Emergency Response Guidance the Secretary
33 (Restricted)the Secretary
348,8.1,8.2 The Dangerous Goods Training of Personnel Employed by or Interacting with the Aviation Industry in Areas of Engineering and MaintenanceH. Al Muhairi


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