Working Group 16, Working Papers

No.Agenda Item No. TitlePresented byComments
12,2.8 Active Baggage Tags Fitted with Lithium BatteriesD. Brennan
2,2.7 Allowance for the Information to the Pilot-In-Command as DataD. BrennanThe only revision to this working paper is the amendment to Part 7;4.11 shown in the appendix
32,2.8 Limits for the Transport of Lithium Batteries for Passengers, Crew, and Operatorsthe European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the International Coordination Council for Aerospace Industry Association (ICCAIA)
42,2.1 Pharmaceutical Products (Medicines) Ready for Usethe European Chemical Industry Council – CEFIC
52 Avalanche Control ActivityP. Tatin
62,2.3 Revision of Special Provision A59D. Brennan
2,2.4 Revision to Packing Instruction Y963D. BrennanRevision is on page A-1: text on the first line of paragraph f) is struck out
82,2.7 Information to the Pilot-In-CommandA. Stubblefield
92 Exclusive Use Shipments of Radioactive MaterialsT. Muller
102 Freight Containers for Radioactive MaterialsT. Muller
112 Definition of Approval for the Transport of Radioactive MaterialD. Mirko
123 Labelling and Marking of Class 1 Dangerous GoodsD. Mirko
131 Review and Revision to the Applicability of Annex 18D. Brennan
146 Availability of the Technical Instructions to All Parties in the Transport ChainT. Muller
152,2.2 Division 2.1B. Carrara
2,2.7 Loading of Cargo Aircraft B. Carrara
172,2.7 Loading of Dangerous Goods in the Cabin of Helicopters B. Carrara
182,2.1 DPO´S Approval for Lithium Batteries B. Carrara
2,2.5 Covering of Marks and Removal of Labels B. Carrara The revision to WP/19 is on page A-1. The last sentence of paragraph 3.2.6 was struck out.
205,5.3 Segregation Requirements for Lithium Batteries A. Stubblefield
212,2.8 Passenger Provisions Addressing Spare Lithium Metal Batteries for Portable Medical Electronic Devices A. Stubblefield
222,2.1 Exceptions for Dangerous Goods of the Operator B. Carrara
232,2.7 Dangerous Goods not Required to Appear in the Information to the Pilot-In-Command B. Carrara
242,2.8 Limitation of Alcoholic Beverages and Securely Packaged Cartridges Carried by Passengers B. Carrara
252,2.5 Affixion of Cargo Aircraft Only Label on Small Packages P. Privitera
262,2.1 Definition of Shipper P. Privitera
272,2.4,5,5.3 Deletion of Section II Provisions for Lithium Ion (UN 3480) and Lithium Metal (UN 3090) Battery Shipments S. Schwartz
4 Lithium Battery ERG Entries S. Schwartz The revision to WP/28 is on page A-2, the amendment should read “12FZ” and not “9FZ”.
4 Lithium Battery ERG Entries S. Schwartz
292,2.7,5,5.3 Mitigation Measures for Lithium Batteries on All-Cargo Aircraft S. Schwartz
306 Undeclared Dangerous Goods T.L. Muller
312,2.3 Classification of Infected AnimalsM. Samaan
322 Identifying Battery-Powered Equipment Capable of Generating Extreme Heat which could Cause a Fire if Activated J.H. Jin
336 Dangerous Goods Information in FIXMthe Secretary of the ATMRPP
342,2.8 Watt-Hour for Lithium Batteries Powering Mobility AidsB. Carrara
351 Formation of the Working Group on Restructuring Annex 18H. Al Muhairi
365,5.2 Report of the Working Group on Reportingthe Chairman of the Working Group on Reporting
372,2.7,2.8 Battery Powered Mobility AidsM. Paquette
382,2.8 Revision to Part 8M. Paquette
392,2.1,2.2,2.3 Alignment of Term “Material” B. Carrara
402,2.3,2.4 Correction of the Term “Outer Package”B. Carrara
412,2.7 Separation vs. SegregationB. Carrara
422,2.2 Alignment with the UN Model Regulations Division 4.3 ClassificationB. Carrara
432,2.7 Separation of ExplosivesB. Carrara
442,2.3 Test for Packages of Dangerous Goods in Excepted QuantitiesB. Carrara
452,2.4 Special Marking Requirements for Lithium BatteriesB. Carrara
462,2.4 Strong Rigid Outer Packagings?B. Carrara
472,2.4 Applicability of Section IAB. Carrara
482,2.4 Outer Packaging Types for Packing Instructions 967 and 970B. Carrara
492,2.4 Use of CylindersB. Carrara
502,2.4 State of Charge ClarificationS. Schwartz
516 Comments on DGP-WG/16-WP/33 – Dangerous Goods Information in FIXMD. Brennan
522,2.3 Excepted Quantity Limits for UN 1219the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council (DGAC)
532,2.6 Proposal for Review of the Pressure Differential Requirements Applicable to Packagings Containing Radioactive MaterialWorld Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI)

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