Working Group of the Whole 10, Working Papers

No. Agenda Item No. Title Presented by Comments
1 6 Approval to Carry/Handle Dangerous Goods G.A. Leach
2 2.4
Fuel Cell Industry Update - International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) 62282-6-100 International Standard for Micro Fuel Cells USFCC
3 2.3
Revision to Packing Instruction 869 for Mercury in Manufactured Articles D. Brennan
4 6 Revision of the Guidance Material for the Panel D. Brennan
5 2 Amendment to the UN Number Reference for Lithium Battery or Lithium Cells in Attachment 2 K. Wu
6 2.3
Amendments to the Relevant Provisions for Information to the Pilot-In-Command and the Relevant Columns of Table 3-1 K. Wu
7 2.4 Amendment of Provisions for the Classes/Divisions of Dangeours Goods not Assigned to Packing Groups K. Wu
8 1 Amendment to the Definition for UN Number K. Wu
9 2 Clarification of the Reference System for Attachments K. Wu
10 2.5 Aid in Recognition of Undeclared Dangerous Goods D. V. Mirko
11 2.7 Loading of UN 2211 Polymeric Beads, Expandable and UN 3314 Plastics Moulding Compound M. Paquette
12 2.7 Confirmation of no Evidence of any Damage to or Leakage from the Packages Loaded on the Aircraft M. Paquette
13 2.7 Obstructed Labels and Markings M. Paquette
14 2.8 Number of Package Orientation Handling Labels on a Packaging Containing the Spillable Battery of a Wheelchair or other Battery-Powered Mobility Aid M. Paquette
2.7 Dangerous Goods not Required to Appear on the Information to Pilot-In-Command M. Paquette REVISED
16 2.8 Reformatting Part 8 M. Paquette
17 2.8 Acceptance of Medical Gaseous Oxygen or Air Cylinders Occasionally Carried by Medical Trained Personnel of the OPCW T.L Muller
18 1
Security Requirements for “High Consequence Dangerous Goods” T.L Muller
19 3 Separation of Explosives T.L Muller
20 2.3 Packing Instructions for Chlorosilanes CEFIC
21 2.1 Proposal to Provide a Definition for “Strong Outer Packaging” A. Tušek
22 2.4 Proposed Changes to Packing Instruction 565 for UN 3356, Oxygen Generator, Chemical A. Tušek
23 6 Approval to Carry Dangerous Goods — Air Operator’s Certificate and Annex 6, Part I D. Brennan
24 2.4 Packing Instruction 954 — “Description of the Goods” D. Brennan
25 2.7 Compartment vs. Hold D. Brennan
26 2.2 Aviation Regulated Materials DGAC
27 5.3 Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Helicopters G.A. Leach
28 5.4 NOTAC Review G.A. Leach
29 2.7 Reporting of Dangerous Goods Found in Crew Baggage G.A. Leach
30 2.3 Use of the Term "Forbidden" G.A. Leach
31 2 Dangerous Goods not Subject to these/other Additional Requirements of these Instructions G.A. Leach
32 2.3 UN Number for ID 8000 Consumer Commodities CEFIC
33 2.3 Application of Special Provision A70 D. Brennan
34 1 State Oversight Responsibilities the Secretary
35 1 Issues Related to Overflight the Secretary
36 5.2 Lithium Battery Outreach G.A. Leach
37 2.3 Considerations for Limited Quantities Contained in one Outer Packaging D. Brennan
38 2.1 Recurrent Training D. Brennan
39 2.3 Table 3-1 Requirement for Gross Mass D. Brennan
40 2.2 Environmentally Hazardous Substances DGAC
41 5.2 Lithium Battery Safety Bulletins and Guidance Material the Secretary
42 2.4 Requirement for Secondary Means of Securing Closures on Packagings D. Brennan
43 2.4 Packagings for Solids which may become Liquid during Transport D. Brennan
44 2.7 Carriage of Cryogenic Liquids M. Rogers
45 5.4 Timing of NOTOC Delivery M. Rogers
46 5.1 Final Review of Proposed Amendment to Annex 18 arising from DGP/22 Regarding Approvals and Exemptions the Secretary
47 2.5 Date on the Dangerous Goods Transport Document — Transitional Arrangements D. Brennan
48 5.2 Lithium Battery State Letter J. McLaughlin
49 5.2 Prototype Lithium Battery Approvals Issued in Accordance with Special Provision A88 J. McLaughlin
50 3 New Chart for Class 1 Dangerous Goods in the Supplement to the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods By Air (Doc 9284) J. McLaughlin

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